The Department of Economics at Daudnagar College, Daudnagar, Aurangabad, Bihar is one of the most reputed department in social science faculty in the college. The department of economics, along with its sister departments in Faculty of Social Sciences has produced many of the country’s leading academics, educators, administrators, policymakers, corporate leaders, and journalists. It runs a B.A. (Hons) program in Economics. Department of economics has two permanent scholar-teachers.


Designation: HOD & Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. A., UGC – NET, Ph.D. (Pursuing from BHU Varanasi)
Specialization: Econometrics & Applied Economics
Contact: [email protected]

B.A. (H) in Economics Course Details:

B.A. Hons in Economics (Part- I)Paper 1:

Micro Economics

Paper 2:
Macro Economics
B.A. Hons in Economics (Part- II)Paper 3:
Economics Problems of India since Independence
Paper 4:
Public Economics
B.A. Hons in Economics (Part- III)Paper 5:

Principal of Economic Growth and Planning

Paper 6:

Economic Development of UK, USA, USSR & Japan

Paper 7:


Paper 8:

Optional Paper (opt anyone)

A. Labour Economics

B. Agriculture Economics

C. Business Organisation & Industrial Economics

D. Mathematical Economics & Statistics

B.A. (H) in Economics SYLLABUS: